7th May 2020

Here’s five tips on giving your eyebrows a tidy in lockdown

1. Measure

It easy to measure your brows using a piece of thread, your eyebrow should begin from the middle of each nostril and imagine a diagonal line coming from the outer corner of each nostril touching the edge of the bottom lash this is where the brow should end

2. Brush you brows

Brushing through your brows with a eyebrow spooley brush or a mascara wand brush ( with no product on) this sets the brows in place so we can see what areas may be sparser then others.

3. Trimming

You may not need to trim but if you brush your eyebrows up or down and see certain hairs longer then the others just ever so slightly trim the top. Only ever trim the smallest bit we can always take more if we need to.

4. Tweezing

Lets tweeze , remember the guidelines from where we measured i would recommend following the natural shape and just remove the hairs that are clearly out of line. Don’t get carried away you will regret it.

5. Once we are happy with the tidy, why not add in some eyebrow make up to fill in those gaps and to add some color while you cannot get to us for your eyebrow tint.

If you need help we have launched eyebrows kits for £20 which include your brush, scissors, tweezers, thread for measuring and instructions. We also stock a wide range of eyebrow make up solutions.