13th May 2019





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Are You Applying & Re-Applying Your SPF Correctly?

Are you guilty of completely missing your eyelids when applying your daily SPF? Do you apply first thing in the morning and then fail to re-apply throughout the day? Read on to find out more…

SPF is the non-negotiable skincare step that everyone should be incorporating into their regime regardless of ageskin type or skin colour. Failure to protect skin from harmful UV rays not only accelerates the ageing process, causes discolouration and hyperpigmentation, but lack of such protection can also lead to skin cancer.

To ensure the face is fully protected, 2mg of product should be applied for every cm2 of skin to be covered. This roughly equates to a full finger length. Failing to apply enough product can dramatically reduce the protection from your sunscreen.

Do you re-apply your SPF?

The key to keeping skin protected and staying sun safe is re-application. There is no substitute for the re-application of sunscreen, no matter how much a brand may try to convince you that their formula only needs a “once a day application.”

To be safe, SPF application is recommended every 2-3 hours. If you are in a warmer climate, you must continually re-apply after swimming, sweating and towelling.

The great thing is, re-applying SPF no longer has to be an arduous task thanks to innovative product developments. There are so many different forms and textures of sunscreen that can be re-applied without leaving an unsightly white cast, greasy residue or ruining makeup.