8th Apr 2016

Are you wearing the best SPF for your skin?


Summers on its way, holidays are booked and it’s time to buy your sun cream to protect your skin. Buying sun cream can be confusing what factor do you go for and what’s going to be best for your skin?

There is little evidence to prove an SPF 50 which has a higher chemical content is giving you more protection than a SPF 15.   The downside to SPF 50 having a high chemical content is that it will be going directly on your skin which is not beneficial to the skin and only protects you about 3% more than a SPF 15. All SPF no matter what the factor should be reapplied regularly, sun creams that claim to last all day will not protect your skin all day.

It’s also very important when buying an SPF that is has UV A and B protection, UV B is the ray that produces your vitamin D and UV A is the aging ray which is around all the time even when not exposed directly to the sun essentially UV A is aging us all the time ideally you should wear an SPF daily even if it’s in your make up or moisturiser. Both rays can be linked to causing skin cancer.

My personal favourites are …

ESPA Pro defence SPF 15 with a unique blend of plant, marine and aromatherapy actives, this pioneering daily sun protector with SPF 15 creates an ultra-light and invisible skin shield. With Micro Pearl technology to protect the skin from UV A and UV B rays, as well as environmental pollution, wind, heat and the cold. Plant extracts combine to repair, strengthen and hydrate the skin for the perfect combination with your daily skincare.


Environ RAD SPF 15 is highly effective in filtering the harmful ageing UV A and UV B rays because it contains highly reflective absorbent filters. It is highly charged with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, E & Beta Carotene which also helps to reflect the sun’s radiation.  The skin is further protected from free radical and photo damage.  Is suitable for all skin types and ages including children and babies.


Hopefully this information will help you find the best sun cream to protect your skin this summer, the above are available in store.