11th Feb 2016

Have you given your make up bag a detox?


Every now and then, your make up bag needs a detox, most make up products go off 18 months after initial use particularly when it comes to eye products, using expired makeup can lead you to infections, irritations or skin conditions. Make up brushes harvest bacteria and need regularly washing.   A spring clean can give a new lift to and energy to your look and life. Here’s a few handy tip’s to get you started…

Start by throwing away any make up product that has expired, dried out or not been used in 6 months. Below is a list of roughly how long beauty products last for.

Foundation last 6 months to a year oil free liquid foundations wont last as long as powders.

Mascara 3 months when it starts to go dry or clumpy its time to throw away.

Blush 2 years for powder 1 year for cream.

Eye shadow  1-2 years powder will last longer then cream or liquid, but throw away anything that changes in texture or pigment.

Lipstick   1 year, expired lipstick’s will often be applied dry or patchy.

If your unsure  all makeup and skincare has a use-by guideline in the form of a jar symbol containing the number of months the product is good for.   To help give your make up the longest possible shelf life, ensure all products are sealed  tightly and kept out of direct sunlight.

Test all your foundations and concealers, keep the one’s that match your skin tone today. Dont save foundations that you think you will wear in summer or winter invest in a seasonal foundation when that time comes.  

Wash your make up brushes monthly, in warm water with make up brush shampoo i personally use truly pure by Jane iredale. Do not immerse the whole brush just the bristles. Rinse in plain water and allow to dry naturally .If you want you can use a quick make up cleaning spray every time you use your brushes to keep them bacteria free until your next deep cleanse.