23rd Mar 2021

My Skin Journey  

I’m so excited to show the results I’ve had using skincare supplements, I have been waiting to share my skin journey and it’s a relief to see the results.

I have always had pretty good clear skin, I did have dry, eczema prone skin when I was 18 but once I started Environ skincare this cleared up and I had never had an issue since.

This all changed in my late 20’s, I experienced adult acne it started off with a spot which escalated to angry breakouts all over the left-hand side off my face. I was shocked as I had never seen my skin like this and being a skincare professional I needed to put what I knew into practice.

There were a few things that had changed in my lifestyle such as wearing PPE, stress levels slightly heightened and changing my birth control pill so I had to look at what I thought could have gone wrong and was triggering my skin to break out.

My skincare routine has always been good, I always cleanse, tone, moisturise and use facial serums etc. I had to change my usual routine to help with the breakouts I was experiencing which eventually helped calm my skin but not clear it completely. As this was not working, I decided to start taking supplements. I have always been irregular at taking my supplements but now my skin was going through a change that I couldn’t fix with products the only way to combat this was with SUPPLEMENTS.

The 1st picture was my skin at its worst towards the end of October 2020, then the 2nd picture was at the beginning of January 2021 during this time I was taking Accumax (2 supplements a day) and desperately trying to fix my skin. Accumax is amazing as you can see, it stopped the breakouts and I had no more angry spots that were appearing on my skin however I was left with scarring from the breakouts.

Advanced nutrition programme released a new supplement in January called Skin Clear Biome, I’m sure you have heard about gut health being linked to skin health.

Stress, diet and antibiotics are known to cause imbalance in the gut microbiome which can also result in problematic skin. Skin clear biome helps support gut health, soothe irritation and oil production.

My 3rd picture was taken last week mid-march 2021, from the 2nd picture to the current picture I had started taking skin clear biome alongside accumax. I am over the moon in 8 weeks how skin clear biome has continued to clear my skin and gradually make the scars disappear and my skin is starting to feel like me again.

With the right products I’ve managed to completely change my skin within 6 months, which is amazing.

Suffering from breakouts having never suffered before I can’t believe the mental effect it has. Personally, my confidence and mood was affected because my skin was getting me down but this had made me want to share my skin journey with you because if you are or know some who is suffering from acne we can help you.

Supplements always get forgotten about by lots of people but the results you can achieve if you invest in supplements is amazing.

If you would like help with your skin journey or are suffering with your skin please get in touch and we can arrange a skin consultation and create your personal skin plan, our aim is to help you achieve your skin goals

This final picture is from start to finish , my skin journey is still ongoing but the results have been amazing so far and i cant wait to see my results in another 6 months.