20th Apr 2020

Why Environ skincare?

I thought I would explain the reasons as to why I personally love Environ as a brand and how it works, Environ skincare can give such incredible results for the skin helping you achieve a healthy skin.
Environ skincare uses science to create products and treatments that change and fix our skin, our skin is the biggest organ on our body and unlike other organs our skin is exposed to light. Our skin gets attacked every day by free radicals i.e. stress, sleep, smoking, pollution, and UV light all this attacks our skin.
Free radical damage is linked to premature ageing and damage to our skin cells, when skin cells become damaged, they do not work correctly which can lead to skin problems.
How do we fix it? With a unique combination of ingredients in the right doses, Environ main ingredients combine vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants, and peptides.
Vitamin A repairs our cells it urges skin cells to behave normally i.e. it normalises our skin, it is the single most important chemical messenger in the skin. Vitamin A is destroyed by heat, light, and air if you are not applying Vitamin A every morning and night, your skin could be deficient in vitamin A.
Vitamin C has a range of essential benefits to the skin it protects the skin, increases hydration, and reduces pigmentation by minimising the skins production of melanin. Vitamin C when combined with Vitamin A has an important role in forming collagen which will result in a tighter more youthful skin.
Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants, antioxidants protect our skin from free radical damage and stop the spread of the damage in the skin.
Peptides stimulate the activity of growth factors in the skin, growth factors are natural substances found with in the skin and they are responsible for providing firmness and elasticity. The peptides are messengers to produce more collagen within the skin and are THE known anti-ageing ingredient.
The combination of vitamin A, C, E, and peptides is the most powerful rejuvenating regime, all these vital ingredients are in the Environ moisturiser which is why you see such amazing results.
Other brands will use ingredients like this, but they might just use Vitamin A. Environ source the best ingredients and its proven to work deeper into the skin compared to other high street brands.
Environ use science they look at the ingredients, the molecule, and the dosage of each ingredient to ensure you achieve a healthy skin.
In my opinion it is a no brainer. Why you would not want to use one product which has so many proven benefits?
 I have been using Environ for 7 years now and it has never even crossed my mind to stop using the products my skin is the healthiest It has ever been!